Journeyman Farm Golden Retrievers

European and American Bloodlines

Golden retrievers are outgoing, playful, and gentle.  They are also friendly, intelligent, and devoted.  Golden retrievers are special because they are the perfect family dog.  From a personality perspective, you'll be hard pressed to find a more loving, outgoing, eager-to-please companion.
Early in their lives, they are perfect for playing with children. As they get older, most golden retrievers become docile and calm.
My goal as a breeder is try and create the healthiest version of the Golden retriever possible.  My first golden joined our family 18 years ago and I was hooked with this breed’s special qualities.  These girls are my family and want to share this with others. 
My girls are AKC registered and have passed OFA’s strict testing requirements.  Breeding to these standards allows me to provide my clients the best quality puppy possible.

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